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GovTech Division of Deep Knowledge Analytics Releases Definitive, Full-Scope GovTech Industry Framework

March 28, 2023, London, UK: The GovTech Division of the Deep Knowledge Analytics in collaboration with the Data Science Division of Deep Knowledge Group (DKG) has developed a new GovTech Industry Framework, which constitutes a first-of-its-kind analytical system designed to provide the most comprehensive and up-to-date classification of the GovTech industry available to date. With this framework, the GovTech industry is set to revolutionize how it approaches governance by leveraging cutting-edge AI technology.

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Deep Knowledge Group Launches 5 DeepTech and GovTech Big Data Analytical Dashboards

October 19, 2022, London, UK: On October 13th, 2022, Deep Knowledge Group unveiled five GovTech and DeepTech Big Data Analytics Dashboards at the landmark GovTech Global 2022 conference alongside top government officials and industry leaders, including the world’s first and most comprehensive AI-driven Global GovTech Big Data Analytics System, as well as Deep Knowledge Analytics’ UK Digital Ecosystem Dashboard, GovTech in UK Dashboard, and Aging Analytics Agency’s Global Longevity Governance Dashboard and Longevity Governance in the UK Dashboard.

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Deep Knowledge Analytics’ Global GovTech Industry 2022 Report and IT-Platform Revealed in Davos at World Economic Forum

June 1, 2022, Davos, Switzerland: Deep Knowledge Analytics’ GovTech Division announced the launch of its new Global GovTech Industry Overview 2022 interactive analytical report and IT-Platform during the World Economic Forum’s Annual Meeting at Davos.
The open-access interactive report and Big Data Analytics Dashboard presents a collection of advanced analytics on the GovTech industry, an overview of next-generation technologies, and case studies that explore GovTech and e-governance solutions. It has been designed to serve as the go-to digital resource for original insights and analysis on the opportunities, challenges, and trends to watch in the GovTech sector.

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First Global GovTech Platform launched as governments race to accelerate digital transformation

May 17, 2022, London, UK: Deep Knowledge Analytics’ GovTech Division, a subsidiary of Deep Knowledge Group, released the 'Global GovTech Platform Q1 2022', based on a first-of-its-kind report revealing advanced analytics on the GovTech sector, an overview of next-generation technologies, and case studies that explore specific examples of GovTech solution implementations. 
The ‘Global GovTech Platform Q1 2022’ represents a unique digital resource providing the latest analysis and insights into the opportunities, challenges and trends to watch in the GovTech sector.

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How well did your city respond to Covid? A new ranking has answers

November 1, 2021: Some countries have managed the global pandemic better than others. The London-based analytical agency Deep Knowledge Analytics (DKA) examined 114 variables across five categories of pandemic responses: economic resiliency, governance, healthcare, quarantines and vaccinations. 
The average score for all cities was 55.36 out of a possible 100 points, indicating “every city has some room to improve,” said DKA Director Alexei Cresniov. 


Best Residence by Investment Cities for Business Index

September 14, 2021: In response to a dramatically changing global landscape, Henley & Partners in collaboration with Deep Knowledge Analytics (DKA) has vigorously assessed the capitals and other major cities of each residence-by-investment country according to the top 10 criteria or parameters that business owners would consider when deciding where in the world to locate and run their businesses. 


Deep Knowledge Analytics Launches GovTech Division

November 19, 2019, London, UK: Deep Knowledge Analytics is delighted to announce the launch of a new GovTech analytics division that will apply the advanced analytical frameworks and methodologies for DeepTech benchmarking, forecasting and SWOT analysis that have made it the undisputed leader in DeepTech analytics to the global sphere of GovTech. The division will produce both open-access and proprietary reports enabling a complete comprehension of the global GovTech landscape and a deeper understanding of the most advanced GovTech approaches and technologies available today and approaching market readiness in the next several years.

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