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Deep Knowledge Analytics Launches GovTech Division

Deep Knowledge Analytics establishes new division to bring the sophisticated multidimensional comparative analytics, benchmarking and forecasting of Deep Knowledge Group to the Global GovTech Industry for the first time



November 19, 2019, London, UK: Deep Knowledge Analytics is delighted to announce the launch of a new GovTech analytics division that will apply the advanced analytical frameworks and methodologies for DeepTech benchmarking, forecasting and SWOT analysis that have made it the undisputed leader in DeepTech analytics to the global sphere of GovTech. The division will produce both open-access and proprietary reports enabling a complete comprehension of the global GovTech landscape and a deeper understanding of the most advanced GovTech approaches and technologies available today and approaching market readiness in the next several years. 


The new GovTech Division’s inaugural analytical report, “GovTech / E-governance Global Industry Landscape Overview 2019”, provides a broad analysis of the trajectory of the GovTech industry by focusing on factors driving the ongoing transformation of the state, main sectors to be changed, barriers to this process and ways to overcome them. It also provides information on the main types of technologies used by GovTech including blockchain, AI and machine learning, IoT, robotic automation, and geospatial data analysis, with emphasis on the best examples of their implementation.


The report reviews 100 GovTech companies based in different regions and 350 investors in GovTech industry. 15 GovTech and Smart City tech hubs, 30 journalists and 40 influencers are also presented in the report. The report also is investigated the achievements in GovTech adoption in 30 countries worldwide focusing primarily on the developing countries that, due to the circumstances, could not or could only partially embark on a course of public administration automation. 


By analyzing current technological and media trends in GovTech, presenting the overview of e-government and GovTech development models, and highlighting the barriers in the way of GovTech adoption the Deep Knowledge Analytics GovTech Division is able to identify the key drivers of GovTech transformation in developed and developing countries, pick out the state, business and citizens benefits, and offer recommendations considering what has to be done to develop a healthy ecosystem for efficient collaboration between government and GovTech firms.

About Deep Knowledge Analytics GovTech Division

Deep Knowledge Analytics GovTech Division specializes in the production of open-access, proprietary and tailor-made analytics on the global GovTech industry, applying the sophisticated analytical frameworks for SWOT analysis, benchmarking and forecasting that have made it the undisputed leader in the larger sphere of DeepTech analytics to the growing GovTech sector, enabling the identification of most promising industry players and technologies, and tangible forecasting on industry and technological trends.

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