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GovTech, DeepTech and Longevity
Big Data Analytical Systems and Dashboards

Deep Knowledge Group's 5 GovTech, DeepTech and Longevity Governance Dashboards are highly effective tools offering access to Big Data analytics and visualisation, market intelligence, competitive analysis and other strategic tools to provide a multidimensional overview of specific GovTech, DeepTech and Longevity ecosystems in the UK and globally.

GovTech Global Dashboard
GovTech Overview Dashboard.png
The Global GovTech Big Data Analytics System is a first-of-a-kind interactive analytical dashboard and toolset that encompasses a wide array of advanced analytics on the GovTech sector, an overview of next-generation technologies such as AI, Data Science, Big Data Analytics, Blockchain, Sensors, and the Internet of Things, as well as case studies that explore GovTech solutions and their implementations.

Key Dashboard Parameters:
  • 1200 companies
  • 2500 investors
  • 890,000 data points
UK Digital Ecosystem
Global GovTech Dashboard.png
The UK Digital Ecosystem Dashboard provides a much-needed perspective on the state of various DeepTech industries in the UK by region, providing access to the most relevant data on the state of different DeepTech and digital industries in the UK distributed by region and municipality. Using the DeepTech UK Ecosystem Dashboard, businesses can easily identify their closest competitors in terms of technologies, products, R&D processes, and operational modes.

Key Dashboard Parameters:
  • 3.6 million data points

  • 130,000 companies

  • 30,000 investors

  • 175,000 funding rounds

  • 12 industry sectors and 80 segments

GovTech in the UK Dashboard
UK GovTech.png
Deep Knowledge Analytics’ GovTech in UK Dashboard is a one-of-a-kind SaaS product, offering a wealth of valuable information on the GovTech sector in the UK. It provides up-to-date information on 200+ companies and 200+ investors operating in the UK GovTech industry and empowers businesses by offering AI-Powered Analytics for advanced comparison of companies and exploration of competitors.

Key Dashboard Parameters:
  • 126,000 data points

  • 200+ companies

  • 200+ investors

  • 280 funding rounds

  • 14 industry segments

Global Longevity Governance Dashboard
Longevity Governance Big Data Analytics Dashboard.png
The Global Longevity Governance Big Data Analytics System is an advanced AI based platform designed to provide dynamic data about main healthcare indicators worldwide. It implements a state-of-the-art innovation known as the Longevity Governance Index, which comprises a robust data-driven system of tools assembled into a single, integrated and sophisticated recommendation system for population health policy construction and execution.
Key Dashboard Parameters:
  • 185 Countries
  • 110 Policy Recommendations
  • 108 Dynamic Charts
  • 240 Parameters
  • 100,000 Data Points
Longevity Governance
in the UK 
UK Longevity Governance.png
The Longevity Governance in the UK Dashboard provides tangible insights and advanced forecasting on the future of Longevity Governance in the UK. The dashboard offers a dynamic perspective of emerging trends and activities by emphasising interactions, relations, and connections between relevant UK-based projects entities. The dashboard presents aggregated information about new concepts, ideas, and completed research, such as population health taxes and credits, the purchasing power of the Silver Economy, and Projections of population ageing, as well as an introduction to the Health and Longevity Index in the UK.
Key Dashboard Parameters:
  • 4 Countries Detailed Analysis (England, Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland)

  • 110 Policy Recommendations

  • 240 Parameters

  • 100,000 Data Points

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