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Global GovTech Industry
Overview Q1 2024 

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Full Report
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Created by GovTech Analytics "Global GovTech Industry Overview 2024 Q1" report provides a thorough overview of the GovTech sector, including quantitative and qualitative indicators such as the distribution of GovTech companies by countries, the top 100 GovTech companies in terms of funding, and the top startup hubs and accelerators. It also includes key findings and information about the industry's overall landscape.

The government IT sector is globally expanding as nations rush to modernise their administrations. More than 1,575 GovTech businesses and 2,110 investors are profiled in this research based on their global commercial activity and potential for innovation. The United Kingdom and the United States have the most government technology companies globally. In accordance with their digital transformation plans, a number of nations have advanced their GovTech agendas.

The report highlights business-government partnerships as well as governmental initiatives in this field and experience of creating services.

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